How to create a tube with unique content

In this training course we're going to explain the process of creating a website that does not share it's content with the entire category of which it's part of. The videotube websites with unique content are the best for indexing on all search engines due to obvious reasons. You can find the steps required to create a tube with unique content below :


1. Edit your domain and mark it as a unique content videotube

To do that, you will have to log into your Tubbing account, go to the "DOMAINS" section and then click the "Edit" button corresponding to the domain you are going to mark as an unique content website. Change the "Allow category videos" option to "No". This way the network-wide videos that are being shown for the category that your website is part of will stop being displayed and instead, only videos that you manually add will be shown.


2. Add unique videos for your videotube website

Once you've completed the modification mentioned above, your website should be blank. To add videos on it, go to the "VIDEOS" section while logged into your account and then click the "Add a new video" button. Copy / paste the YouTube video URL like you normally do when adding a new category-wide video, then press the "Fetch info" button, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and change to value of the "Allow usage" option to "No". A new field will appear in which you have to select the domain name of the website you are adding the video for.


The videos added this way will not be shown on any other domain but the one you selected.