The hard working path to success

In this article we will explain exactly what you need to promote your video tube the best possible way in order to maximize your traffic, increase your search engine positioning as well as page rank and keep the visitors you currently have engaged. All of these will guarantee a healthy growth and a steady income from your website(s).


Step 1. Selecting the right micro-niche for you.

In general, micro niches represent a small part of consumers and clients from a broader market. Thinking about the shoes example, a micro niche could be men’s running shoes, men’s formal shoes, red leather men’s shoes, and thousands of other specifications.

Although this may sound like a cliche, it's one of the most important factors when deciding what you will go for with your domain. We recommend you to opt for a videotube that's related to something you are familiar with and more importantly, something you like. We are making this recommendation because you have to enjoy your work, not do it out of necessity, thus working and promoting something you like is the first way to make this job enjoyable.

To give you an example, I personally enjoy playing a mobile game named Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and for that purpose I created a website for my guild in this game : Although this micro-niche is not something that will yield huge conversions like a weight loss micro niche for example, it's something I actually enjoy doing and managing.


Step 2. Building your website

We highly recommend going for an unique content videotube if you decide to involve yourself in this business. To understand how to build your unique content videotube please refer to this article : How to create a tube with unique content

It is highly recommendable to customize your website appearance to match the micro-niche you chose.


Step 3. Use social media to maintain your visitors' engagement and to have a steady flow of returning visitors

The two main goals of every webmaster should be :

  1. to have enough sources of new visitors
  2. to maintain the engagement of the returning visitors

Create a Facebook page for your website. A good explanation on how to do that can be found here. Make sure link your Facebook page to your website so that it appears in the main menu of your website. To do that, while logged into your Tubbing account, go to the "DOMAINS" section, click the "Edit" button that corresponds to your domain and copy / paste your Facebook page URL in the corresponding field.

Create a Twitter account for your website. If you are unsure how to do that please refer to this article. Follow the same steps you did for your Facebook page in order to add your Twitter account to your website's main menu.

It is important to follow the above steps because the people that are interested in your content will most likely follow you on either Facebook or Twitter and you will then know for sure that you have an engaged visitor.


Step 4. The course of action that should follow every time you add a new video

We recommend doing the following steps for each video that you add to your videotube website:

  1. Once the video has been added copy / paste it's URL ( Example : ) and add it to both the Facebook page of your website and the Twitter account. This way the visitors that were previously interested in your content and subscribed via social media will be informed that you have a new addition.
  2. Go to the YouTube video URL and post a comment ( if the author allows comments ) that the video can also be found on your website. Here's an example that I'd use for my little gaming website : "This was a great video and I decided to add it to my Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes guild website. Thanks for posting it. If you are interested in checking it out as well as joining our guild here's the url :"

    Please keep in mind that every comment you make should be related to the content of the video and you should always use a different comment text.
  3. Go to Google and search for the title of the video, in this case :  "Nightsisters vs Jedi Rey". Try to find within the results articles or forums where you are allowed to post a comment. Add a relevant comment on at least 2 or 3 pages within the results of the first and/or second page. These are the best quality backlinks you can possibly get and will increase your search engine positioning a lot, as well as drive some traffic to your page.


Strictly following the above steps will insure a healthy growth for your videotube websites. If you want Tubbing to be a replacement for your job, you should build 10-15-20 micro-niched videotubes and update their content every 1-2 days as explained above. That's how all the marketeers are handling their websites, with the only difference that you have it easy by using Tubbing. We say that you have it easy because we're taking care of the monetization and the backend of your websites.


The opportunity you have been given is huge. Taking advantage of it depends entirely on you.