The path of domain parking

The easiest way to benefit from the services that Tubbing offers for free is to park your domains with us. We'll present a few of the advantages of parking your domains with Tubbing aside from the obvious passive income generation.

So, why should you park your domains with Tubbing?

  1. Unlike other domain parking services out there, Tubbing puts content on your domain. Your parked domain will not only have one page that will only contain ads, which obviously drives visitors away, your domain will behave like a real videotube website, it will have content, videos, pages and of course ads.
  2. Maintain your domain authority by continuing to offer quality content to your visitors.
  3. Tubbing offers free in-network category specific backlinks. This means that in time your parked domains will not only maintain their authority, but they'll actually increase their backlinks, page ranks, and search result positions.


The best thing about parking domains with Tubbing.

By far the best thing about parking your domains with Tubbing is the fact that there is no approval required, no waiting time, and the process aside from DNS propagation is literally instant. This means that regardless of the number of domains you plan on parking with us, there's literally zero effort involved.


How to start parking your domains with Tubbing?

  1. Sign up for an account with Tubbing
  2. While logged into your Tubbing account go to the "DOMAINS" section, then hit the "Add a new domain" button.
  3. Enter the domain name, select a category that matches your domain name or it's previous content, add it's title and a short description, leave the "Allow category videos" option set to "Yes" and press the "Add my domain" button.
  4. Modify the DNS records of your domain and set them to :

Your domain is now parked with Tubbing, displaying content, building authority and increasing the search engine positioning, all while generating passive income.