Tubbing offers for free what others are asking money for.

If you take the time to browse warriorforum or any other marketing related forum you will see that a lot of people are selling marketing guides for prices that go anywhere between $10.00 USD and $4,000.00 USD. The more advanced ones that offer everything you need ( pretty much like Tubbing ) have higher prices.

So, the real question is, why is Tubbing giving all you need for free? The answer is quite simple, first of all it's not entirely free, your success guarantees us a long term income just as it does for you, plus on the long run we're more interested in having a steady income instead of just selling stuff for a one-time payment, even though it's $4,000.00 USD.

Having this said, using Tubbing not only allows you to get started instantly, but also completely free of charge having all the required tools at hand to build your own video tubes empire.

The idea behind Tubbing is to create a huge network of linked together micro-niched video content websites.

Why is linking important?
One of the factors that increase your position in search engines are backlinks. Search engines give a better position in search results to pages that have backlinks from similar category domains, thus our idea to link all the domains within a category with eachother.

Why are we interested in growing all the domains of our members?
We work on a revenue share with our members, thus our interested for them to be on a healthy growth path that will benefit everyone.

We work together, grow together and enjoy the results of our work together
Tubbing offers a complete set of training courses to help you get started as well as to insure your success along the way. If you follow the instructions within the training courses your success is guaranteed.

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